Welcome to Fetal Fotos with 4 Packages priced from $70 to $200

3D 4D Fetal Fotos is rated Austrlia’s top 3D 4D studio, we introduced Australia to 3D 4D ultrasound, studio  est.2004 and still remain the top in the business. No full bladder required and no doctors referral needed. In Sydney and Perth gender scans are available from 14 weeks, (Adelaide from 15 weeks).We offer Australia’s most experienced fetal photographic studios. Our policy is best prices and more photos, please view our amazing Packages.  Please only go to a studio with qualified medical sonographers like us, we  have the most experienced obstetric 3D sonographers  in Australia. Do not be put off by people telling you baby is in a bad position with it’s head down or engaged – we are experts in getting baby to move to a good spot.


Call us  for all appointments – New Priced Packages now available  for SA, WA & NSW

Sydney  0415 550 747  Next Appointment available is      Thurs 2/11/17,  Fri 3/11/17,  Sat 4/11/17,  Fri 17/11/17,  Sat 18/11/17,  Wed 22/11/17,  Thurs 23/11/17,  Sat 2/12/17

Adelaide  0414 249 234  Next Appointment available is   this   Thurs 19/10/17,  Sat 21/10/17,  Tues 24/10/17,  Thurs 26/10/17,  Thurs 2/11/17,  Tues 7/11/17,  Thurs 9/11/17,  Sat 11/11/17,  Tues 14/11/17,  Thurs 16/11/17, Sat 18/11/17,  Tues 21/11/17,  Thurs 23/11/17,  Sat 25/11/17

Perth  0415 444 220  Next Appointment available is     Sun 22/10/17,  Mon 23/10/17,  Tues 24/10/17, Wed 25/10/17,  Sun 5/11/17, Mon 6/11/17,  Mon 13/11/17, Tues 14/11/17,  Sun 19/11/17,  Mon 20/11/17,  Tues 21/11/17,  Sun 26/11/17,  Mon 27/11/17,  Tues 28/11/17,  Sun 3/12/17

It is very IMPORTANT that you call the correct number for your city