Adelaide 0414 249 234  We scan 6days a week

There are appointments available  Fri 17/9/21,  Sat 18/9/21,  Mon 20/9/21,  Tues 21/9/21,  Wed 22/9/21 open to 7pm,  Thurs 23/9/21,  Fri 24/9/21,  Sat 25/9/21,  Tues 28/9/21,  Wed 29/9/21 open to 6pm,  Thurs 30/9/21,  Fri 1/10/21,  Sat 2/10/21,  Thurs 7/10/21,  Fri 8/8/21,  Sat 9/10/21,  Mon 11/10/21,  Tues 12/10/21,  Wed 13/10/21 open to 7pm,  Thurs 14/10/21,  Fri 15/10/21,  Sat 16/10/21

Due to Covid-19 we only have one 20 minute appointment package total price $100 with 10 to 15 minutes recorded on USB together with the jpeg images on the USB plus 9 photos printed on 1 A4 sheet, It is a great gender / heart beat reassurance package and also perfect for facials in the third trimester.  This is plenty of time for our very experienced sonographers to get good pictures and/or to see gender.

Gender scans & Gender Reveals   Fetal Fotos scans help relieve the stress & anxiety during pregnancy & we are the gender and facial experts.  Same day appointments usually available, we are the only experts in Adelaide to see gender at 13 to 15 weeks, see the images on our Facebook page.

Our Changes during this Pandemic include:

1. Limit of 3 attendees, the client and two others. You must come on time to your appointment and wear a mask, due to social distancing we cannot just fit you in.

2. Download the mySA GOV app for QR check in.  Come in on time for your appointment in the Fetal Fotos office and do the QR check in.  Phone us to let us know if you are early and we will let you know when you can come into the office.

3. Do not attend our office if you have a temperature, sore throat, cough or recent exposure to overseas travel.

4. Due to Covid-19 we prefer you to make your appointment during the current week to 10 days , that way you will know if you are sick or have been exposed to people with the virus if that happens do not attend. Do not come with a full bladder, go to the toilet before you leave home.

Please check the website regularly for any further updates.

Gender Reveals:  If you do not wish to see the gender that can easily be avoided during your scan. Gender reveal envelopes can be requested by a tick of the box. Appointments available  Mon,  Tues,  Wed,  Thurs,  Fri,  Sat.

We love to show you your baby and if you have any questions we will happily answer them for you, we can also let you know the weight and position of bub if you ask.  If you are feeling anxious and just want to see the heart beat for reassurance then come and do a package any time between 7 to 40 weeks.

Reassurance and family bonding is our specialty and that is why 3D 4D Fetal Fotos is rated Australia’s top 3D 4D studio, established in 2004 to provide you with the best reassurance pregnancy bonding scans available. No full bladder required and no doctors referral needed.

Gender scans are available from 14 weeks, (13 weeks for  slim build).  We offer Australia’s most experienced and reliable fetal photographic studios. The machine we use has the best detail to look at gender between 13 weeks for slim build to 14 weeks (not the nub, the actual external genitalia). If you wish we can look at the Nub at 12 weeks but this is not quite as accurate as looking at the full gender at 14 weeks. Our  prices are amazing with much more included and more photos.

Fetal Fotos 3D ultrasound gives you great images and footage to take home and share with family and friends.  Please only go to a studio with qualified medical sonographers like us, we  have the most experienced obstetric 3D sonographers  in Australia and be certain that you can see the external genitalia from 13 (slim) to 14 weeks. Do not be put off by people telling you baby is in a bad position or you cannot see gender at 13 or 14 weeks, if it’s head down or engaged or any curled up position- we are experts in getting baby to move to a good spot.

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