Important Information

Please note that this service is not a diagnostic medical imaging procedure according to medicare, and as such does not attract any rebates from the government or private health funds. The available dates for scans are listed on the home page.

Variability of an Ultrasound Session

We always include regular 2-D ultrasound with 3-D/4-D as they work together to show a full picture of the baby’s features and activity. Please ensure you are well hydrated for 3 to 4 days before your scan

What determines the quality of the images?
Many factors are involved in obtaining clear ultrasound images, we use the best available equipment and highly experienced sonographers trained in obstetric ultrasound and we do our best under all circumstances. However, there are several factors outside of our control which will determine the quality of the images.

Fetal position

Some people will tell you baby is head down or the head is engaged so you cannot get photos of baby but this is not true, until you come and have a scan you do not know what position the face is and even then 99% of the time if you roll around then baby will move. Please do not be put off by people who are not obstetric sonographers saying that baby is in a bad position.

Some babies lie in the ideal spot for their close-up and seem to be posing all the time.

Other babies simply lie on the stomach and turn their back on us. Some babies cuddle up to the placenta or uterine wall, or hide behind their hands (and feet). We know you particularly want to see your baby’s face and we do all we can to encourage baby to turn our way. Importantly in 3-D and 4D, a straight-on face view is not very common. We urge you to enjoy the fun and sometimes funny positions your baby prefers rather than hold out for the perfect glamour shot.

Maternal tissue

The more tissue the sound waves need to travel through, the less contrast the resulting images have. For this reason we often find we get better results with our fuller-figured clients later in their pregnancy. We generally say 29 to 35 weeks is the best time for the large built women.

Again, you will get the best images possible, with the best equipment and technicians, but maternal tissue can be an important factor.

Fetal Activity

It is fun to see your baby in motion. As always, we encourage you to enjoy your baby’s “show” and we will do our part to work with your baby to provide you with the best available images. It is generally easier for pictures if the baby moves around during the 4D scan, however, some babies like to sleep through the whole scan and we still obtain some beautiful pictures.

Gestational Factors

In 3-D, some babies are best seen at 20 weeks and others at 36 weeks, regardless of maternal tissue or other factors. Babies are simply different. Despite the fact that there are numerous variables out of our direct control, we use state-of- the-art equipment coupled with highly experienced medical sonographers to provide you with the best possible results. We generally recommend between 24 to 35 weeks as the best time for the 4D scan. Slim women should try to not leave it too late as they may not have much room around the baby for us to get an ultrasound window.

What is the Gender of My Baby?

We pride ourselves on our skill and accuracy in gender determination / verification when requested. We have a great first-time success and strive to get baby in an ideal and cooperative position. When our sonographers determine gender, they will attempt to obtain a clear “lay” image of the area for you if possible.